Sophrology workshops with Annette Dang 

Annette Sophrologie Joliette (1).jpg

Create a space to take care of yourself,  reduce stress and recharge your batteries.

Relaxation, breathing  and simple movements will be explored smoothly for  release tension  and discover new sensations.

Flexibility and fluidity of the body and the mind will gradually settle down thanks to the implementation of movements adapted to each one.

In a standing or sitting posture, the integration of simple exercises that can be used on a daily basis will allow you, depending on your needs, to know you  loosen  Where  strengthen your energy.

Build up your own space  interior comfort  is a natural process that contributes to  give confidence and stability. Awareness of the sensations of  well-being, will be for you a resource which will be able to relieve the perceptions of pain and physical and emotional tensions.

Regular practice will guide each person to a  new self-listening, more  benevolent presence to his body, allowing  reconnect with its vitality.

Sophrology is simple and accessible to everyone. It is also aimed at seniors and children from 4 years old, they will be fun and specific workshops.


The weekly practice includes a time for discussion during which you will share the support and strength of the group.

Discovery session : 5 €

Hours: Every Friday from 6:45 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.

Information: Annette  06 59 34 30 24  @:   Facebook page

The Location: Maison du Yoga by Deepti 2 Place Francis Chirat 13002 Marseille. This is the building in front of the observance and please ring 'YOGA' on the intercom. Please ring the intercom from 6:35 p.m.



Subscription for 3 months: 117 € (or 39 € per month) payable in installments

Subscription for 6 months: 210 € (or 35 € per month) payable in several installments

Monthly subscription: 45 € per month

Book of 10 tickets: 150 €